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Denver & Liely Glasses

July 24, 2018

Denver & Liely

Denver & Liely have brought us the flagship of drinking. Their whisky and gin glasses are revolutionary; specifically designed for exploiting the flavours and scents in the glasses bowl design.

Hand blown goodness, each glass is crafted to perfection. Living testament in my collection is no comparison to how this glass transforms the dram opposed your regular whisky chalice. Moving your nose around the outlet of the glass wildly changes the scents you pick up.

I drew two drams of Oban 14 into a Glencairn glass, and a Denver & Liely Whisky glass. The Glencairn glass was nutty, and dry, and earth tones to it, whereas with the Denver & Liely glass I picked up a more full bodied, juicy, and sweet experience, picking up scents like fig, mandarin, honey, and sweet oak.

As mentioned, the Denver & Liely Gin glasses are nothing short of a mericle. Designed to explore the botanicals of gin. In comparison to the whisky glass, the gin glass is taller in design and also smaller in girth.

Don’t take my word for it though, experience it for yourself, if you’re a Glencairn Glass purist, I urge you to try it once, I guarantee a difference in your next drinking experience.

Further to anyone fresh to whisky, if you want the best drinking funnel for your dram, Denver & Liely have you covered.




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