Eight Pm Winter Whisky Tour 2019

June 23, 2019

Eight Pm Winter Whisky Tour 2019

Eight Pm Whisky Winter Tour
It all started with a simple phone call last year from a whisky brand ambassador.
NZ The Glenlivet Brand ambassador was embarking on a nationwide tour, and asked if I wanted to host him in Hamilton. I agreed without thinking twice, hell yes let’s showcase the amazing The Glenlivet Rage in Hamilton.
But the penny dropped soon that I have never hosted a tasting. I had been to several in NZ and overseas. But was afraid I am going to embarrass myself by not being able to pull in a decent crowd for the tasting.
So reluctantly decided I will host my own tasting in lead up to The Glenlivet Tasting. Sort of a cheap comic doing few intro jokes before the main act.
On Tuesday 17th July 2019 I hosted my first ever whisky tasting in Hamilton. I can remember being very nervous, what if I have nothing smart to say. Worse fear was what if no one turns up.
But fortunately, 29 connoisseurs turned up to hear me present my first ever whisky tasting. I can remember wearing formal clothes and polished shoes to the tasting. Which if you have ever met me is not my style at all. But I wanted to impress and make an impression. I remember that bottle of Bunnahabain 18yo disappearing very quickly. There was some clapping at the end, I think.
17th July 2019 seems a decade ago now, even though it still hasn’t even been a year since i did my first tasting.
I have hosted countless whisky tastings all over New Zealand now, in both public and private settings. And some of you have attended my tastings which I really appreciate. Several hundred people have attended my whisky tastings and number is even higher if you add my gin tasting attendees. But let’s talk gin in Spring/Summer.
You see I have no formal training in art of making, nosing or tasting premium whiskies. But what I have Is an incredible passion for a quality dram. My knowledge is built up over years from trying 100s of different drams. Visiting big or small distilleries, countless conversations with distillers here in NZ and overseas.
But most importantly engaging fellow connoisseurs.
I have made it my mission to educate as many other curious connoisseurs about the finer details of whisky making, nosing and tasting. So, they can also drink and enjoy more of drams they truly enjoy.
If you have been kind enough to read this love letter so far you are probably wondering what is Eight Pm Whisky Winter Tour 2019.
In last 6-8 weeks I had largely backed off doing public tastings. Because I have been overseas a lot doing more research and planning this epic Whisky Tour.
I want to visit as many parts of New Zealand as part of Winter Tour showcasing 6 Drams I have absolutely cherished.
Share 6 quality drams in 2019 that have absolutely wowed me. And now I want to share them with you. I don’t work for any particular brand, I drink, enjoy, recommend that I have genuinely fallen in love with.
Well here is an incredible opportunity for you and me to meet and let’s chat over a dram.
Over the next few days and weeks details of this epic tour will be released.
So far, I have venues locked down in Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch.
But I am working hard on finding more regional venues as well.
I would like some help from you please. Do you have a local pub, club that might want to see me come in and present this tour? Or you might be organizing a charity event that might want this as part of the fundraising effort?
Also don’t forget I am available to private tastings as well. As part of tour I already have 5 private/corporate tastings booked for big & small groups. So, if you would like a private tasting instead let’s talk.
Thanks so much for your support in past. But I need your help now even more to make this tour a huge success.
Ash Parmar
Owner Eight Pm

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