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Glendronach 12yo

July 15, 2018

Glendronach 12

Glendronach is one of over 120 highland distilleries located near Forgue, in the East Highland hills. Owned by BenRiach Distilleries, Glendronach has been an active distillery since 1826, being one of the first licenced distilleries in Scotch making existence (still there were a few distilleries around making unlicensed whisky.)

The history of Glendronach over the past two centuries has given to me what I am drinking today. The Glendronach 12. Nosing characteristics include vanilla pod, toffee, oak, dry wood, raisin, and christmas cake.

On the first nosing session I found vanilla predominant, followed by toffee. It is more of a rich whisky than anything, almost like your third bite in of christmas cake. Second nosing brought up more toffee, less vanilla, and oak. I am usually quite prone to picking out oak immediately but with the Glendronach 12, I found that the oak scent is less. Nosing the third time, brought up caramelised green apple.

The Denver & Liely Whisky Glass is by far one of the best whisky glass experiences I’ve come across. Specially designed for whisky it holds the Glendronach well.

When tasting, immediately I was hit with wood chips and oak. The Glendronach was rather oily and a lasting spiced fruit finish. Second tasting brought out toffee and vanilla whilst the oak has simmered down on the palet. The second season finish had evolved to a pleasant chocolatey flavour, and then moved to spice for the long finish.

This to me is rated as a good whisky, I’m now a fan of Glendronach, and I feel as though it is a good winters whisky to enjoy sparingly.

Have you tried Glendronach 12? Or any other Glendronach whiskies? Let us know what you think and what our next review should be on!

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