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July 09, 2018

Hi Everyone,

My name is Jordan, I’m on the EightPM team as a writer, and enthusiast of whiskies. As some of you know I’m a young enthusiast of whiskies, celebrating my 21st birthday early next year.

I want to share with you my love of whiskies, as you will see me pop up more regularly on social media and events. I didn’t start on the traditional Johnnie Red. During my first year of university, I would religiously drink in a bar on Thursday’s with my best friend, mostly potent cocktails with the intent of not seeing the next day.

Whiskies have only recently come to starting with trying whatever was given to me by a great friend and seasoned whisky connoisseur. I will admit now, it was probably a waste giving someone with no real appreciation for whiskies expensive drams. Drams out of bottles such as Aberfeldy, Ardmore, Scapa, The MacAllan, and the likes.

Thankfully though one lesson I grasped quickly was the byproduct of appreciation was getting drunk. Learning to get past the alcohol into the flavours and notes. I gained the appreciation whiskies deserve.

My first purchase was Hibiki Harmony; after trying it in a bar I had to have it. I needed it. I bought a bottle and that’s where the journey began to get me to where I am now.

I current have in my armada, Dalmore 15, Hibiki Harmony, Oban 14, Longmorn 16, Glendronach 12, and the Glenfiddich Age of Discovery series with an ever growing list.

Just like you, I am on the discovery of whiskies. Finding new flavours, scents, and experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned whiskey fanatic or new to the world, there isn’t a more suitable time and place to start than right now.

Signing off and drink premium, drink responsibly people!


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