The Spirit of Barbados Four Square Distillery

December 16, 2019

The Spirit of Barbados Four Square Distillery

Founded in 1926, R L Seale & Company Limited is a fourth generation, family owned, Barbadian business, whose flagship operation, Foursquare Distillery, is one of the world’s few remaining independent rum producers. In the modern era, under the stewardship of current Chairman Sir David Seale and CEO and Head Distiller Richard Seale, Foursquare has earned high regard for the integrity of its brand and the high quality of its products.

In 2016 Foursquare was named Rum Producer of the Year at the prestigious International Spirits Challenge, as well as winning the Rum Trophy at the equally prestigious International Wine and Spirits Competition. These two London events are the most authoritative, respected and influential spirits competitions in the world and those two particular accolades represent a unique double for R L Seale and Foursquare.

We are proud to present a handful of Rums from this powerhouse of quality Rums:

 R. L. Seale 10 years old Rum 46% 700ml 

 Foursquare 'Exceptional Cask Selection' 2007 / 12 years old 59% 700ml 

Foursquare Spiced Rum 37.5% 700ml 

 Doorly's 14 years old 48% 700ml 

Doorly's 12 years old 40% 700ml

Doorly's 8 years old Rum 40% 700ml 

 Doorly's 3 Year Old 700ml 47%

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