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The crafting of premium gin is an art form. One that has been passed down across centuries, from generation to generation. Each batch of carefully infused, exquisitely flavored liquor is made with care, patience and passion. Each sip contains its own special blend of heritage and tradition.

The Naked Gin Club was created to share this legacy, and to educate people in the wonders and rarities of premium liquor – building a community of people all passionate about this age-old art.

With our monthly gin subscription, discover samples from around the world and explore new taste avenues you never knew existed.

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A surprise in every bottle


The concept behind the Naked Gin Club subscription is part mystery, part enlightenment.

Every month, each member receives four sample bottles of unknown, unbranded, rare and unique
gin. That gives you the entire week to savour the enigmatic flavors of each bottle, without price or brand, just spirits in their purest form.

Eight pm on Sunday marks the time of the big reveal, where our passionate founder Ash announces the origin of each premium liquor to the Naked Gin community, sharing the stories and history behind each bottle.

As part of the community, every member has access to Ash’s personal, meaningful and valuable advice – whether they mark themselves as gin connoisseurs, or are relative novices looking for recommendations to enhance their experience.



How it works: our monthly membership

The gin we send is infinitely complex and subtle; our membership is simple. Here’s how it works.


The perfect gift for a gin lover

Whether it’s a birthday celebration or a wedding anniversary, the very best gifts are the ones that say “I know you.” Within the range of our monthly samples, there’s something to suit every character and every taste-bud.

Don’t keep the joy all to yourself: gift a loved one a 3 or 6 month subscription and start them on their journey to the finer things in life.

  • Naked Gin Club 3 month subscription: $147     Gift Now
  • Naked Gin Club 6 month subscription: $294    Gift Now

P.S. You can even gift it to yourself (we promise we won’t judge).


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Join our inner circle, united by a passion for premium liquor and an appreciation of the finer things in life.