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B&G Reserve Rose 2018 6x750ml

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Region: Languedoc Roussillon (750 000 acres) along the Mediterranean sea
Grape Varieties: 100% Syrah
Soil : A wide variety of soil such as sand, clay, chalk, schist, gravel and pebbles.
Climate : Mediterranean climate, very windy with high temperatures and exceptional sun. Our Syrah is obtained by bleeding techniques bringing richness and a pressing process brining freshness.
Vinification: Blend of bled and press rosés to develop the richness of the bleeding technique and the freshness of the pressing process - De-stalking and crushing of the grapes - Specific settlings to reduce the lees, adapted to a regular fermentation that will develop the aromas – Alcoholic fermentation at low temperature (16° C).
Ageing in vats on the lees with controlled dissolved oxygen before bottling to keep the freshness and the aromas.
Available format : 750ml

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