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Bruichladdich Octomore 8.1 700ml

Country: Scotch Whisky

Region: Islay Whisky

Age: 8 year old Whisky

Alcohol: 59.3%

Volume: 70cl

Led by the structural brilliance of 08.1, we can pause at this symbolic moment to enjoy a single malt masterclass. The experimental ethos, the muscular quality, is still very much to the fore, but there is enlightenment now, a sure-footed confidence. 08.1 is the necessary benchmark, the launch pad from which others can only follow. 08.1 reveals the astonishing subtlety of our phenolic universe, leading us along a pathway into a world like no other. 
Refined, confident, a little extra age has tempered some of the vitality but this dram has gained a classic, timeless feel.

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