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New Whiskies from "The Single Cask" are here.
New Whiskies from "The Single Cask" are here.

Glenfarclas 'Family Cask' 1997 / 2018 #5134 57.1%

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Release Winter 2018

Cask 5134

Bottled: 06/12/2018

Cask Type: Refill Sherry Butt

603  bottles

21 Years Old

The Family Casks collection encapsulates the essential character of Glenfarclas Distillery. Each bottle containing its own unique story and complexity of aromas.

It was a sense of history that lead to the creation of a collection of limited edition Glenfarclas Expressions - The Family Casks.

Glenfarclas is in the rather enviable position of today having casks from the last seven decades.