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Heineken Cans Imported 24 x 500ml, 5% Free Shipping

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Usually up to $4.50 a can in stores that is over $100 a tray.

The world famous Heineken Beer in a 500ml Can. Directly Imported from Holland ! Taste the difference in the real deal imported Heineken and you will never drink any other beer again.! Heineken originates from the Netherlands where it is still brewed today.

Heineken is enjoyed daily in more than 170 countries worldwide, making it the world?s leading international beer. Using the original recipe devised by the Heineken family three generations ago; purified water, malted barley, hops and yeast combine to create the distinctively golden, fruity, hoppy and refreshing Heineken beer that the world has grown to love. A premium quality imported beer, Heineken is perfect for any occasion, and likewise can be paired with a great variety of dishes. Packaged in cans, these Heinekens are great for easy transportation.

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