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Objective Notes Very Smooth (on the RnD scale of Harsh-Smooth-Very Smooth-Extremely Smooth) Mocambo's Art Edition 20 Years shows a unique, deep brown color from prolonged aging in oak. Aromas of dried fruit, like raisin, prune are clearly evident, and to a lesser extent one detects a hint of anise, cut hardwood (walnut), and a trace of Madeira-like sweetness. The medium bodied rum tastes of leather, tobacco, charcoal, and a slight bit of anise. Mocambo 20 year old finishes a bit dry after some lingering, and it tapers well. Taster's Opinion Smokey, leathery, charcoal smooth and unique, Mocambo 20 is a pleasant sipping rum, and worth owning simply for the bottle. More importantly, collect this rum for occasionally exposing yourself to a set of flavors that are balanced in an agreeable manner quite distinct from any other rum.

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