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New Whiskies from "The Single Cask" are here.
New Whiskies from "The Single Cask" are here.

Mucha Liga Reposado Tequila 750ml

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Caníbal is not a villain; he is just a tough and straightforward luchador, which makes him an uneasy rival to fight against. His methods are unconventional, but you know what they say, “all is fair in love and Mucha Liga®”. Caníbal has the spirit of a rookie but the experience of a veteran, that’s why he is the most feared luchador among the circuit. He is the leader of os rudos, a cult of luchadores who try to destroy los técnicos in this balance between virtue and evil.

Rested in white oak barrels, our reposado is unlike any tequila with a great balance among the immediate presence of caramel and the gentle flavours of blue agave. An untamed expression of tequila. 6 months rested in white American Oak, pre used for Bourbon. Clear, golden & medium to full body. Smooth anise, light oak, caramel & cinnamon