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Talisker 57 North 700ml

This special strength Talisker 57 North is named after the high latitude at which you'll find the distillery. No malt is more remote. It comes from specially selected American Oak casks, chosen to express with absolute purity the natural combination of sweetness and power, of which Talisker alone is capable. Bottling at 57% ABV (once called '100 proof') further brings out this unique strength of character. 

Whether in place of origin or strength of character, nowhere else in the world does a malt whisky come close. Clean and intense, sweet-centered yet also smoky and complex, Talisker 57 North is mouth-filling and silky with a medicinal, peppery finish. 

Adding water reveals a deeper, softer side too. All of Talisker's full-on vigour is here, with the promise of mellowness to come once the storm has passed... 

Alcohol Vol 57%

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