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The NZ Whisky Collection - 100ml Trio Tasting Set (HW, DDW, OAM)

"This whisky was distilled in the legendary Dunedin Distillery, using the finest local barleys and some of the purest water on earth - snowmelt from the Southern Alps filtered naturally through the Great Moss Swamp. These are exceptionally rare drams from the last remaining stock of what was once the world's southern-most distillery". 

This Tasting Kit is a wonderful gift for any discerning whisky lover. 

The Pack Includes: 

1 x 100ml Dunedin DoubleWood 40% ABV 

1 x 100ml Oamaruvian 16YO 60.1%ABV 

1 x 100ml High Wheeler 21YO 43% ABV

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