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eight pm winter whisky tour

Hi My name is Ash, Owner of Eightpm.co.nz

Whisky 🥃 is my passion and the conversations that flow over a quality dram 🥃 excite me.

I want to visit as many parts of 🛫New Zealand🛬 to share quality Drams.

Share my passion and knowledge about 🥃 whiskies with you.

I don’t work for any particular brand, I drink, enjoy, recommend whiskies 🥃 that I have genuinely fallen in love with.

This is a great opportunity for you and me to meet and let’s chat over a dram🥃.

So gather some friends and lets enjoy some quality drams.


Strictly R18 Event's 

info@eightpm.co.nz for inquiries.

Click on links below to buy tickets to individual events.

Ladies Only Whisky Tasting - Tauranga

Ladies Only Whisky Tasting - Hamilton