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Alcohol content :  43 %

"This spirit is truly exceptional and has been aged for a minimum of 21 years in oak barrels, patiently waiting to be released. For that reason alone only a limited number of bottles of this luxury sipping rum are released each year.

While some people spend their time collecting Elvis memorabilia and crystal figurines, true collectors of rare quality will have their eye on this prize. Dust off your snifters and lock the doors, as this is a once in a lifetime experience to be savoured.

Appearance: Coppery/tawny
Nose:Floral scent that develops into a unique mature nutty bouquet, with vanilla, orange peel and cocoa notes.
- Mellow orange peel
- Deep vanilla
- Rich nutmeg
- Vibrant almond
- Warm coffee and cocoa
Palate: Baked nuttiness comes on strongly in the tastes of molasses and oak.
Finish: Long, sap-like, brown sugar-like, dry."

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