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Glendalough 7 Year Old Irish Whiskey - Porter Barrel Finish 700ML

46% alc

This expression from Glendalough is not the first Irish whiskey to have been finished in a beer cask, but it's certainly one of the finest to date.

Dublin is arguably the most famous place in the world for stout and porter (I imagine one brand, in particular, comes to people's mind) so it's no surprise Glendalough would take advantage of that reputation and the array of great breweries in the area. In this case, the porter barrels were sourced from Dublin's 5 Lamps Brewery.

The single malt was made by double distilling roasted chocolate malt barley and was initially matured in virgin American Bourbon Oak for six years before it was moved into porter barrels for a further 12 months.

It was aged for a total period of seven years because seven is not only the number of years that St Kevin (he's the guy on the bottle) spent as a nomad the wild but it also represents a nod to the 'City of Seven Churches' he built at Glendalough.

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